Another great article about IT Mindshare’s commitment to keeping medical businesses HIPAA complaint, originally published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:


IT Mindshare, the Morgantown based business IT experts, have announced they can help healthcare businesses to remain HIPAA compliant by transitioning from Windows 7. The team will provide a thorough assessment of clients’ workstation, servers, applications and network and give them a detailed plan for updating their system.

More information can be found at:

Any healthcare professionals and businesses around Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, and Bridgeport, WV, can get in touch for expert advice and guidance.

In January, 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 and Windows Servers 2008 with security patches and other support. This means that healthcare businesses and practices have less than a year to update before losing their HIPAA compliance.

This means bad news for the business unless they can update in time. Medical offices who are not found to be compliant with HIPAA regulations are likely to get hit with big fines, so it’s crucial that local businesses remain compliant to avoid this or worse.

That is where getting in touch with IT Mindshare can help, because the expert team pride themselves on helping clients to become as efficient and effective as possible through the proper use of technology. IT Mindshare can provide accurate and reliable assessments of systems and give clients a detailed plan for updating.

The assessment will include identification of workstations and servers that need to be upgraded or replaced, inventory applications to determine whether they’re critical or common, development of a timeline and budget, and more.

A spokesperson from IT Mindshare states: “This assessment will give you everything you need to confidently go into 2020 without worrying about the security of your patients’ sensitive information. And if you engage with IT Mindshare to perform the upgrade, we’ll wave the assessment fee.”

The IT specialist is a local, veteran-owned company located in Morgantown known for its 24/7 tech service and support for area organizations. The company prides itself on high quality service and has a commitment to client satisfaction.

Full details can be found on the URL above, and interested parties can get in touch using the form provided on site.

More information about the company’s HIPAA Compliance services is available over the phone at 304-658-7600 and online at

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