IT Mindshare, a Morgantown WV based IT firm, recently completed a total network infrastructure installation at the new Joe Romeo’s I-79 Honda dealership in Morgantown.

The new car dealership, located at 6100 Nancy D. Drive in Westover, opened in March 2019 with a big splash, and IT Mindshare was proud to be a part of their successful grand opening and continued operations.

“With car dealerships, the owners want a very interactive environment for their customers,” says IT Mindshare’s Sales Manager Tony Haller. “They want to provide more than just a good selection and a great price. They want to streamline their processes to make it quick and easy on their customers and their employees alike. This means having a strong network, cloud computing with all of their dealership management programs and backups and, of course, a great guest Wi-Fi.”

Joe Romeo, the owner of I-79 Honda, reached out to IT Mindshare after initially receiving an IT assessment for their new building from another company. The experts at IT Mindshare were able to make changes and recommendations to the initial assessment and complete the installation in a timely fashion in order to better fit Romeo’s needs.

“We don’t usually get involved midway like this,” says Haller. “Typically, we’re called first, or we are contacted after the client is not satisfied with a particular aspect of their technology infrastructure. When another company does an installation and the system has been put into place, the client may ask for our opinion if they have concerns about how it all works. We usually have to audit the system and say ‘well, we can keep this piece and that piece, but we should really replace this component or restructure how X works.’ Fortunately for I-79, we were able to get to them early enough to save them the time, money, and hassle of having to redo a lot of the work in order to get them what they really need and get the job done properly.”

When asked about why many companies are reaching out to IT Mindshare after previously working with other area IT providers, Haller said:

“Most people don’t value technology until they need it. They may go out and find the local guy who will fix a thing for $29.95, and that’s okay for some things. But many people don’t realize until it’s too late that, if you invest a little more upfront, it will save you so much time, money and headaches on the backend.”

IT Mindshare was recently named the U.S. Small Business Association’s “WV Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year.” This award has shined a light on the 6+ year old company and its leadership, but Haller believes that their strength is in the individual skills and expertise of their team members.

“It’s funny because we’ve got this big team and we have the experts, we have the reputation, we have the experience, but we’re still local guys. Our guys have spent years working for huge organizations like Merck, Accenture, Amazon, the Department of Defense, and other military organizations before joining our team. We have this great resume, but it’s all right here in Morgantown and Fairmont. And when you become a leader in your field, you can spot those rookie mistakes and really just advise people ‘if you want to do it the right way, let’s do this.’”

IT Mindshare is based in Morgantown WV, and serves an ever-growing area the currently reaches throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond. Their offerings span five major segments – core Information Technology, phone & voice services, data cabling & relocation, strategic consulting, and web design services.

The veteran-owned IT firm offers agile around-the-clock IT support that can be scaled to the needs of local businesses, large enterprises, and government organizations at all levels.

For more information about IT Mindshare’s services or to reach Tony Haller, contact Tony by email at or by phone at 304-658-7600.

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