What is call parking and how do I use it?

1. You can park a call in a park location and allow any person connected to the phone system to retrieve that call. For example, if you are at your desk and the person on the phone has a finance question. You can put the person on park, go speak to the finance office and pick up the call in that office.
2. You park a call by simply pressing the shortcut button next to words Park # on the VVX 400 or 300 screen. You retrieve the call by pressing the same button again on your phone or any other phone on your network.

How do I blind transfer a call??

1. When on a call, press and hold Transfer
2. Press the Blind button. The active call is held.
3. Place a call to the person you want to transfer the call to.
4. Press Send

The call automatically transfers to the person you specified.

How do I check my voicemail?

1. Push the envelope icon on your phone and follow the prompts. Pressing (1) will allow you to listen to new messages. While listening to the message:
Save: Press (1)
Replay: Press (2)
Forward: Press (3) then dial the extension
Delete: Press (7)

2. If you have an email associated with your account, you may also receive an audio file via email as well. Deleting the email will not delete the voicemail on your phone.

How do I conference in another person?

When you are on a call, press the button below the word ‘More’ on the screen. Then, press the button below ‘Confrnc’ and dial the number to conference in. If it is an extension, you’ll need to press ‘Send’. If it is an outside number the number will dial automatically when the complete number is entered.


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