Morgantown, WV business IT consulting company IT Mindshare announced the acceptance of a multi-year IT Consulting contract with a West Virginia based government contractor.

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With the recent contract award, IT Mindshare will be responsible for technology consulting, senior system administrator services and IT support with a heavy focus on server updates and migrations as well as auditing, compliance and cybersecurity protective measures.

When asked about the newly awarded contract, IT Mindshare owner Jeremy Harris commented:

“We’re extremely happy to be serving another well-respected and successful organization that in turn serves our country.”

“A lot of focus will be placed on cybersecurity. The need for security is something that, unfortunately, is not going away,” Harris added. “This has been going on since the sword and the shield. You make a great sword; I make a shield; you make a better sword. It translates to the IT front now which is where businesses are being attacked. We are uniquely qualified to help organizations of all shapes and sizes protect themselves from these increasingly costly attacks because of our extensive internal security controls and expertise.”

Headquartered in Morgantown, WV, IT Mindshare is a technology company specializing in responsive local and regional IT and security services. IT Mindshare’s offerings provides three core services which are IT Consulting, Cybersecurity Services & Data Analytics Services. Their mission is to help commercial, government and non-profit organizations formulate a scalable, cost-effective, and efficient technology strategy.

The company was recently named 2018’s Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year by the Small Business Administration of West Virginia.

“That award means a lot to us,” Harris said. “It’s not some made-up award. It lets us know that we built something of value.”

The veteran-owned IT firm offers agile around-the-clock IT and cybersecurity support that can be scaled to the needs of local businesses, large enterprises, and government organizations at all levels.

More information about the company’s consulting services is available over the phone at 304-658-7600 and online at

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