IT Mindshare owner Jeremy Harris was among 11 West Virginia business owners to graduate from the Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders program, where they learned key lessons in expanding and managing their companies.

Harris, who operates the Veteran-owned technology firm, was honored to have been selected for this elite group of WV professionals.

A recent article published in the Exponent Telegram explained the purpose of the program:

“This administration has made it a priority for us to focus on places in rural America such as West Virginia,” Small Business Administration Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Michelle Christian said. “We are here to show what SBA has to offer. … This is a highlight for this administration.”

Christian said the program is like getting a “mini MBA.” Each week, participants attended a class on a new subject, covering everything from finances to network.

George Murray, deputy district director of the SBA’s West Virginia District Office, attended most of the classes. He said he was very happy with the results, and added that giving local business owners the means to grow and expand is nothing but good for the state.

“I think it went very well,” Murray said. “I saw the class grow in terms of their knowledge and in terms of their relationships with one another. That’s the biggest benefit of the program, from my perspective. They now have this network of folks who are in the same position as them: Small business owners trying to grow their business.”

Christian confirmed that another West Virginia class will be held in 2019, and she, Titchenal and Murray all encouraged any interested business owners to look into the opportunity.

“The program is free,” Murray said. “If you want to get your business to the next level, this program will help you take a step back and take a strategic look at your business, where you’re at now and where you want to be. It will help you map out the steps to help you get there, and there are a whole lot of resources that we bring to the table.”

Harris and IT Mindshare are longtime technology partners for many organizations in WV, PA, MD, and VA. If you are interested in seeing firsthand how the right technology can save your business time, money, and headaches, CONTACT US now for a No-Cost, No-Obligation consultation.


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